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Quick Pitch Accessories

What makes the Quick Pitch Accessories unique?

The Quick Pitch overlanding accessories are designed to last and make your overlanding experience as comfortable as possible.

Quick Pitch RTT Ladies Shoot Unit

  • The QP RTT Ladies Shoot is a privacy add-on; it fits onto any Quick Pitch RTT by adding two stainless steel brackets to the side of the RTT.
  • Zipper on both sides for easy access to RTT and to accommodate left and right-hand side use.
  • The shoot comes standard with tie-down straps that can be pegged to the ground, keeping the shoot stable in windy conditions.
  • Only three loose parts (2 x flexible tent poles and a canvas shoot)
  • Extremely easy to use and takes seconds to pitch.
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Quick Pitch RTT Wind Deflector

FAQ About the Quick Pitch Wind Deflectors

Does the Wind Deflector have an impact on fuel consumption?

Yes, the Quick Pitch Wind Deflector improves airflow over your roof Top Tent to improve fuel consumption.

Are the brackets for the Quick Pitch Wind Deflector sold separately?

No, our Wind Deflector includes brackets.

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