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What Makes Quick Pitch Fridge Slides Unique?

The Quick Pitch Fridge Slides are made from the best quality aluminum and stainless steel that are used in the right proportions, making this product built to last. It consists of high-quality sliders that can hold a fully loaded fridge and has suitable space for a 60-105L fridge, depending on the fridge slide size.

Quick Pitch Fridge Slide

The Fridge Slide has been designed for quick and easy access to your fridge. It comes with a dual-stage locking slide and three size options, ranging from M to XL. The second lock locks the fridge slide when in an open position to prevent the fridge slide from rolling back.

Our fridge slide in action

Quick Pitch Drop-Down Fridge Slide

The Quick Pitch Drop-Down Fridge Slide was designed to solve a problem so many overlanders were facing. The fridge can be pulled forward by simply unlocking the fridge slide, dropping it down 280mm, and locking it in place. This provides easy access to the whole family. 

The drop-down easily mounts to drawer systems or any flat trays by using four mounting bolts in the structure of the drop-down fridge slide.

Drop-Down Fridge Slide Facts:

  • Locks with a stainless steel slam lock
  • The second lock locks the fridge slide when open.
Pan size:
  • Medium (L 770 x W 495)
  • Large (L 876 x W 548)
  • Extra Large (L 1012 x W 675)
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Our Dropdown fridge slide in Action

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