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Quick Pitch Brackets

Gutter Mount Bracket

The Quick Pitch Gutter Mount Brackets are strong robust mounts for any vehicle with gutters from 3 different sizes to choose from. These brackets walk hand in hand with our load bars, making it possible to mount many accessories to your car roof. 

There are 2 included per set.
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Quick Pitch Tent Mount Bracket

The Quick Pitch tent mount brackets are an additional option that allows mounting of the Quick Pitch RTT to the Quick Pitch load bars for proper support. The brackets come in a set of 4 and are manufactured from 3mm stainless steel, making the product more durable.
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Quick Pitch High Lift Jack Bracket

The High Lift Jack Bracket solves most Overlander enthusiasts’ storage problems. This bracket allows the High Lift Jack to fit onto the Quick Pitch RTT’s side rail, making it ideal for overlanders with limited storage space.
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RTT Ladder Bracket

The Quick Pitch Ladder bracket comes standard with your Quick Pitch RTT. 

The ladder bracket can also be used on any roof rack, cargo box, or any hard-to-reach place where goods are stored. The bracket allows you to safely attach your 2.6m telescopic ladder with the male bracket, on the ladder, attaching with the female bracket on the RTT.
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Light Bar Bracket

This bracket is the perfect solution when wanting to mount spotlights onto the Quick Pitch RTT. It was designed to be mounted to the front of the Quick Pitch RTT’s base. The Spot Light Bracket square plate has 4 mounting holes that are riveted to the RTT base with a stabilizer pushing against the bottom of the RTT. 
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Awning to Tent Bracket

This 3mm stainless steel bracket is used to mount a Quick Pitch Awning to a Quick Pitch Roof Top Tent. The bracket has 4 mounting holes that bolt through the base of the tent and one mounting hole that mounts to the side rail of the tent.
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Awning to Load Bar Bracket

The Quick Pitch Awning to Load Bar Bracket is manufactured from 3mm stainless steel, allowing you to mount the Quick Pitch Weathershade awnings to the Quick Pitch Load Bars. It has been designed to accommodate all our Weathershade awnings.
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Awning to Front Runner Bracket

The Awning to Front Runner brackets are made from 3mm stainless steel that comes in three different models that can be used for mounting the Weathershade awning to the specific side:
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Awning to Rhino Rack

This bracket allows you to mount the Quick Pitch Weathershade 20-sec awning to a Rhino-Rack roof rack. The bracket was designed to fit both old and new generations of the Rhino-Rack. The bracket comes in two different models.

Left-Hand Side

Right-Hand Side.

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Quick-en-Suite to RTT Bracket

The Quick-en-Suite to RTT Bracket is an easy-to-use bracket that mounts to the existing side rail of the Quick Pitch RTT. It is manufactured from 3mm stainless steel and allows you to mount the Quick-en-Suite to your Quick Pitch RTT.
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Quick-en-Suite To Front Runner Bracket

The Quick En Suite to Front Runner bracket enables you to mount the Quick En Suite to any Front Runner roof rack.
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Quick Pitch Adjustable Load Bar Mount Bracket

With certain vehicles having a slanted roof, adjustable brackets can be used to level all load bars above the roof. This means an RTT, Awning, Quick-en-Suite, or Cargo Box can be fitted.
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FAQ About Quick Pitch Brackets

Does Quick Pitch make customised brackets

No, we only have our standard brackets available

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