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What Makes Quick Pitch Cargo Boxes Unique?

The Quick Pitch Cargo box is exactly what the name says: a quick and easy lockable storage solution. This box is manufactured from aluminium with an integrated load bar on each side for easy fitment to any surface. And is completely weatherproof, to keep dust and water outside where it belongs and keeping the goods safe inside. Store all additional items with peace of mind.

Quick Pitch Cargo Boxes

It can be mounted to roof racks, load bars or about anywhere. The cargo rail on top of the box allows you to mount on top of the box as well, with dedicated slots for cargo rail clips to tighten the load on top. The dimensions are L 1165mm x W 715mm x H 360mm and the capacity 295 Liters. This is a must have to store all those extra accessories needed on each trip.
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FAQ about the Quick Pitch Cargo Box

Can the Quick Pitch Cargo Box only be mounted on top of the vehicle?

No, you can mount the Quick Pitch Cargo Box on top or in the back of your vehicle. Anywhere that has a flat surface with enough space accommodate the cargo box.

Is the Cargo Box waterproof?

Yes, the Cargo Box is waterproof and dust proof.

Quick Pitch Drawer System

The Quick Pitch Drawer system is a storage solution that every overlanding enthusiast needs in their vehicle. The drawer system is the first in the world with a maintenance free stainless-steel slide. Designed by African engineers for you to enjoy the peace of mind. The slides are designed to last a lifetime. The simplicity yet futuristic design of these slides makes this product a first. It also features a stainless-steel locking system to secure the drawer in place, this means that no bulky locks in front of unit is needed.

The drawers are easily stackable on top of each other or side by side, with stacking plates provided. These stacking plates get pop riveted to the drawers keeping them in place.

QP designed these drawers to fit any SUV, Truck, or overlanding vehicle. The sizes were calculated with all vehicles in mind.

FAQ about The Quick Pitch Drawer System

Can you only mount these drawer systems at the back of your vehicle?

No, you can easily mount these Quick Pitch Drawer Systems from the sides of your vehicle if you have a flat tray.

Can you only mount these drawer systems next to each other?

No, it is stackable on top of each other too.

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